Who REALLY Is the Stephan Cori Family?

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We call one another "family" because that is how close we are...we had always thought about creating an online store because we have so many clients who live out of state and always made a point of saying that, whenever they visit Carmel, California, (and, yes, we know we live in one of the most beautiful spots in the WORLD!), they make a point of coming to shop at our store. 

And then, COVID-19 hit the world, and like so many others, we had a lot of time on our hands, so we finally decided to hit the world wide web.

You can find out more about the owner, Stephanie, on our "about us" page, but here I have decided to take the liberty of getting a little more personal...

From a business aspect, we stand out because of our boutique-style presence, with every item hand-picked with our clientele in mind. This is not a chain store; it is personalized to attract and provide high quality, unique and beautiful items just for you. 

So, who "makes up" the current Stephan Cori family? Well, primarily we have four players trying to bring you fun and fashion- Stephanie, the buyer/owner, who I like to refer to as the "talent", Ellen, who I like to refer to as the "brain", Raya, who I call the "go-getter" and Koda, Stephanie's famous beautiful Himalayan dog, who so many of our return clients have grown to know and adore!

Unfortunately, Koda blends right in with the white floor of the store, and as a result, he gets stepped on...a lot...but he's a great sport about it all. 

And what might any one of them be doing on a given day? 

Stephanie may be delivering prescriptions and groceries to clients, Ellen is likely pulling her hair out trying to figure out some technical issue on the back end, Raya is cooking some delicious goodies for her clients, and Koda...well, we never know exactly what Koda is up to...

Here's where you get to find out! Every week, there will be a continuation of the story of the Stephan Cori family, Koda included, a client of the week, and at least one box full of goodies hand-selected that you can take home and try out- what you like you keep, what you don't you get to return. You can also request a special box to be created just for you and your fashion needs.

Thank you for your continued patronage! 

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